Men's Pump Pockets

Guys-- we finally found you type 1 diabetes products we can feel GREAT about. We want your life with T1D to be easier. Our diabetes clothing for men will solve all of your insulin pump problems. Our TechTank with an insulin pump pocket will both fit you like a dream and take care of your insulin pump. You can use it as an undershirt or a workout shirt. And our briefs will be your new favorite underwear. Stop allowing your pump to jostle around in your basketball shorts or track pants. The insulin pump pocket will stay snug and secure against your body and will allow you to do whatever you want without a thought to your pump. What do you do when you try to sleep with your insulin pump? Men can wear any of our products with insulin pump pockets and avoid being tangled in tubing all night long. No more pulling out new sites or dropping your pump and fumbling with it all night long. Sleeping with your insulin pump just got easier. Let us know if there are other diabetes clothing you are looking for. We will make if for you. We want to provide ways to make living with diabetes more manageable. That's all we want. And we have brought you this high quality, masculine design to give you all the options you need when considering where to put your diabetes insulin pump.