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How RevelWear's Pockets Work

We finally found you type-1 diabetes products we can feel GREAT about. We want your life with T1D to be easier. Our diabetes clothing for all ages will solve all of your insulin pump problems

Revelwear pocket with insulin pump

Our pockets are designed to fit an insulin pump, device, phone, and any other loose item you might be looking to secure on your person.

Stop allowing your pump to jostle around in your basketball shorts or track pants. The insulin pump pocket will stay snug and secure against your body and will allow you to do whatever you want without a thought to your pump.

revelwear pocket with insulin pump being inserted and secured

Our pocket technology allows anyone to slip their pump directly into their clothing.

revelwear pocket with pump secured inside no matter what

In addition to allowing easy easy and discrete access to your technology, RevelWear Pockets secure your device with a leveraged flap wrapped around the opening of the pocket.

Whether you're running, dancing, jumping, or hanging upside down on the monkey bars, your device is securely fastened in the most convenient and hidden part of your body.


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