Insulin Pump Pocket Stretch Lace Garter

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Womens Stretch Lace Garter with Tech Pocket for Cell Phones and Insulin Pumps by RevelWear

Pockets can be sexy. Our stretch lace PumpPocket garter is perfect for nights out and days when you need a fun boost in your diabetes management. We know you are tired and sometimes burned out, but a lacy garter that holds your pump can rejuvenate you and your attitude about your care! Slip this garter on and you will feel special and beautiful. The garter with an insulin pump pocket is so much better than any insulin pump carrying case or insulin pump strap out there. We know you need to be hands free and ready to party and this is the way! Forget buying an ugly insulin pump strap-- you will love our PumpPocket Garter.

The truth about sizing: Please pay special attention to our sizing recommendations. It is best to measure first and then choose your size. All sizing is based on US sizing. If you have any questions, please email us at Thanks!

We have diligently chosen fabric that is luxurious and forgiving. It has wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable.  You will love how our garments feel against your skin! They forgive and stretch and you will fall in love!

Your tubing and pump can be SEXY when you slip it into your mysterious and lovely new pocket. This Pocket is great for insulin pumps, lip-gloss, lipstick, cell phones, cash/cards & keys!!

So, we know that sometimes you need to wear a skirt and we know you struggle trying to figure out where to put your pump. HERE YOU GO! This garter is backed with a silicone strip that will hold the weight of your pump and give you the freedom you need in a dress or skirt. Your tubing and pump can be SEXY when you slip it into your mysterious and lovely new pocket. We love helping people with Type 1 diabetes figure out easier ways to manage their care and this option is FABULOUS. Even life with Type 1 can be fun!


HOW TO MEASURE: Measure 6" Above the knee while standing.  Then measure the circumference of your thigh and refer to the sizing chart. ***IF YOU'RE UNSURE ABOUT YOUR SIZE, GO SMALLER

Fit Instructions

1. Put the RevelWear Garter on your clean, lotion-free, bare thigh. (Any lotions on the legs will cause the silicone backing to become slick and not adhere to the skin.)  

2. Insert your Insulin Pump, Phone, Lipstick, Cash or Cards and GO!!

3. For long days you can add garter straps to help keep it in place all day

Wash & Care Instructions

Lotions or oils on your skin can reduce the "stickiness" of the silicone grippers. Simply wipe grippers with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to return them to their original grip.

Your garter must ONLY be hand-washed - never put in the washing machine. Always lay flat to dry. **Do Not put them in a dryer**

Disclaimer - We appreciate your patronage. While we produce a high quality, excellent product, we do not accept any liability in association with the loss or damage of one’s medical device. We also do not accept any liability associated with injury related to dropping one’s insulin pump or pulling out one’s infusion site. Please consult your doctor when making any changes in your medical care. Your purchase represents your understanding of this disclaimer and releases RevelWear, INC. of all liability. Thank you.