Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. 
What is the difference between Activewear/Loungewear/Everyday Stretch/Lingerie?
Simply put, the difference is in the fabric. Each fabric has different properties that make them great for different activities. 
-The Activewear has a higher percentage of spandex  in the fabric blend, it has a slight compression element to it, that leaves you feeling sleek and your pump supported for any level of activity. 
-The Loungewear is a luxury fabric that is made with less spandex and high quality bamboo. It is soft, stretchy, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and can help with temperature regulation.  This makes it perfect for rest and relaxation. 
-The Everyday Stretch is very similar to the Loungewear fabric. The main difference is that it is made with Rayon. It is still stretchy, soft and light, but more like a soft t-shirt. It is great for around the house and light activity. 
-The Lingerie fabric is the ultimate in sleek and smooth. It is lightweight and feels like a second skin. It is great for formal and professional wear but also with jeans. 
Can I use the ‘Cell Phone Pocket’ with my pump?
Yes! All of our pockets, regardless of size, have button holes in the back of the pocket that allow your tubing to pass through. No more catching your tubing on door handles. 
My coupon code did not apply. What should I do?
Our policy is one discount or coupon code per order. If there is no other code or discount applied to your order and it was missed when checking out, send us an email at and we can help you out (no need to place an additional order).
I have received an email that my package was delivered but I haven't received it. Where is my package?
We use USPS to ship our packages. They are known to scan packages early (sometimes up to 2 days). We recommend checking the shipping address. If it is correct and it has been 24-48 hours, send us an email at and we can contact a Representative at USPS. 
I need to return an item(s) for an exchange. 
We offer free exchanges. Returns for refunds are subject to a $5 restocking fee. We do ask that you complete a return form, found under Returns and Exchanges. Completing a return form, lets us know you need a return shipping label, which will be emailed to you. It also allows us to process those returns faster. Once the return has been received at the warehouse, they will notify us 24-48 hours after receiving, at which time we will process your exchange. You will receive email notification when the exchange order or refund has been processed. 
I don’t have my order number for the return form. What should I do?
We can locate your order number with the name the order was placed under or the email on that order. Please fill out as much information as you can, and we will contact you if there are any problems finding that order. 
I submitted a return form but I do not have the return shipping label.
Return forms are sent manually and within 24 hours of submitting the return form to the email the order has been placed under. Occasionally, those emails will work their way into your spam folder, please check there. If that is not there, email us at 
It is too big/too small/wrong size?
Oh no! We are sorry to hear that! We do offer free returns and exchanges. Living life with Type 1 Diabetes is difficult enough that we want to make sure you have an item that fits and works for you. We offer free returns and exchanges. Go to Returns and Exchanges to complete a return form. Once that has been completed we will get a return shipping label emailed to you. 
My garter (or band) won’t stay up. What can I do?
With only the support of the fabric and silicone on the garter, having the right fit is key. To have the most support, a snug fit is essential. If your garter is falling down when you put your pump, phone, keys, ect., in it, then you need a smaller size. We do offer free returns and exchanges. 
Have a question not answered here?
Email us at and we will gladly help you!