Youth Pump Pockets

Little type 1 kids have our hearts in their hands. So our hands created a pocket that would allow them as much opportunity to be a kid as we can possibly conceive. Type one diabetes is difficult. End of story. We want to make it easier. If your little T1D needs to keep his insulin pump safe and secure, you are in the right place. Our insulin pump pockets are designed with your active child in mind. Send your kid with type 1 diabetes to school knowing their pump is not going to get dropped, their new site is not going to be pulled out and they can play and run like everyone else. T1D PumpPockets makes life easier. The stretchy pump pocket has an opening in the back to slip tubing through to the site while your pump sits in the pocket. The lip over the pocket will hold the insulin pump securely and allow easy discreet access. It's not a cure for diabetes, but it helps. We would love to hear from you. Let us know what else we can do to make your diabetes management easier.