Fashion Pockets

WOMEN-- we are here for you. We know you need solutions and we know your challenges with managing Type 1 diabetes. Women with Type 1 diabetes have a specific set of needs when it comes to managing your insulin pump. Let us help. If you don't see what you need here to manage type 1 diabetes, tell us. We will make you what you need. Are you stuck putting your diabetes insulin pump in your bra? No more. Try a PumpBand with a pocket specifically made for your medtronic pump, tandem t:slim pump, omnipod or your Animas pump. Our pockets can hold all insulin pumps regardless of model. And the PumpBand can adjust to your needs and your dress. You can even stash your CGM and DexCom. What about leggings and jeans with fake little pockets. So frustrating. Try our briefs with an insulin pump pocket. Or wear one of our fabulous tanks layered under your cute tops. Pocket Innerwear diabetes clothing is super high quality and easily merges into your wardrobe. You will love the fabric and the fit. Type one diabetes is difficult and until there are more known diabetes facts and a cure for diabetes, T1D PumpPockets makes life easier. We know you wants solutions to exposed tubing and broken clips-- things that will actually work for your insulin pump needs. Our diabetes pocket will fit tight to your body and contain your tubing. The lip over the pocket will hold your pump securely and allow you easy access. All of our pieces have 2 pockets, that way if you have a CGM, great! If you just want to move that trusty insulin pump around, you've got options. It's not a cure for diabetes, but it helps.