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Diabetic Accessories

Diabetic Accessories


WHy are there no shirts for men…you do realize that we do wear shirts, right? LOL. And we need larger sizes. One of the both side effects and causes of diabetes is obesity. I cant use the waist bad as they would end up under my belly and would get gross from sweat. I also dont think that the shorts you have would fit me…they are way too small. Up that waist size another 10 inches. Otherwise it looks like you have some cool products that can actually help the diabetic community, you just really need to look and see who your potential customers are and accomodate all shapes and sizes.

Eric Roberts

How do you where the lace thigh pocket? What is the purpose of the sticky tapes that surround the top of the lace? Why don’t instructions on using this lacy pump holder come with the product?

Judith Chamot

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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